Welcome to Roy’s Knife Sharpening in the Austin, TX area. Roy keeps knives in Austin, TX and Central Texas razor sharp, one blade at a time! Our mobile sharpening workshop, housed in a 16’ cargo trailer, has everything we need to cut, hone and polish a perfect 20 degree bevel on knives large and small. We can also put a 15 degree bevel on Asian chef’s knives; and a 25 degree bevel on machetes and other large chopping tools.

Today’s modern knives mostly use hard stainless steel, which means they hold a fine edge longer than their carbon steel cousins, but also means it’s almost impossible for most users to sharpen them properly. Bring them to Roy’s Knife Sharpening, and we’ll restore them to a shaving sharp edge!

Roy's Knife Sharpening will be set up Saturday, July 20, in the parking lot of the Tractor Supply in Dripping Springs from 8 am to 3 pm. The TS is just west of DS on US 290, at 1711B W. Hwy 290.

The blades will be shaving sharp when we finish. We also sharpen machetes, axes, shovels, pruning shears, loppers; just about anything made of metal. Sorry, no ceramic knives; or scissors or clipper blades. Price is $5 per folding knife blade, $5 for fixed blades or kitchen knives. Machetes run $8-12 depending on length; shears & loppers $8-12 depending on complexity; and chisels cost $4-7.

Bring us your kitchen knives, pocket knives, hunting knives; all of them! We also sell pocketknives, fixed-blade knives and kitchen knives. Just about everything is priced below retail, and under $100. Cash/check gets 3% discount, most credit cards accepted.

Look for us in the white cargo trailer with the yellow sign: "Knife Sharpening."

Or, box your knives up and call Roy at 512.633.1794 for the address to ship them to. UPS ground shipping usually takes one day for many Texas addresses. Include a return shipping label, and a check for the total, x knives at $5 per blade. (Sales tax is included.)

Or, if you and your neighbors can round up 50 knives, we’ll bring our mobile workshop to y’all, provided you are within 60 miles of Buda. If you’re farther away, call for an estimate!


Roy’s Knife Sharpening